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We used to list cards for sale on this web site.  However, at this time our items for sale are on either, or  Scroll down to see a recap of what is on each site and how to shop for quality sports, gaming and comic collectibles at at each of those sites.

All of our Vintage sports card inventory, BEFORE 1980, is now listed on  We have over 13,000 listings with over 21,000 cards! is the the Internet's fastest growing sports collectibles web site.  Click on the banner above to see the items we have for sale on  If you decide to join and want to purchase items from Bob's Baseball Cards, Comics & Games or other sellers on the site, simply join AFTER clicking the banner above.  Use Account Number 89090 and email address of as refering information!  

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Most of our common inventory of newer products, 1980 and AFTER, will be on the web site. We are adding inventory to that site weekly.  Are you looking for that 1987 Topps common to finish that last set?  How about a 1982 Donruss Common?  This is where you can find those low priced, there are too many of them on the planet but you can't seem to find them because they don't cost enough to put on a web site or take to a show, cards!  Take a deep breath!  When you purchase more than 10 cards on this site from us, get50off, you will get a 50% discount that will be deducted at the checkout screen.  So whatever the price of the card is, remember that it will be half of that price if you purchase at least 11 cards!  You only need 9cards?  Throw in a couple more and get 50% off you entire order, that is like getting half your cards for FREE!  Join and you can order directly from
Bob's Baseball Cards, Comics & Games!

At this point we have 5000+ cards listed on Sportlots!

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Click on the eBay logo above to be taken to our eBay Store as we probably have auctions ending RIGHT NOW!  We are adding items daily and are looking to make this a big site.  There you will find items for sale and auctions.  Sports cards, Comics, Magic the Gathering, Star Wars Minis, Axis & Allies Minis, Benchwarmer and Swimsuit cards, Memorabilia, Trading Card Games, HeroClix, Action Figures, Wrestling Cards, and Iowa Hawkeye Items.  Bid early and often.  :-)

Also, sign our eBay email listing at the bottom left of my store page to get notices when new items are added and special promotions!

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We still purchase sports card boxes from several distributors.  If you would like to be on our emailing list and would like to purchase cases, boxes or just one box of a newly released product, email me.  You will receive two emails most weeks.  One is a Solicitation that will allow you to order products at around 10 to 15% above my cost.  The other will be a Last Chance to Order which will usually have products at 20% above my cost.  Add shipping and you will be saving BIG bucks.

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